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Grace Francis [userpic]
STC: The Man Who Was Thursday
by Grace Francis (jurious)
at April 24th, 2011 (05:03 pm)

I'm doing my best to pimp this play even though I've only managed to persuade the same friend who came with me to the last Studio Theatre Club play (which was "A Midsummer Night's Dream") to come again for this one. :) (She loved the last one! I loved the last one! Come on! Join us!)


Based on the book by G K Chesterton - Adapted by Brian Macken

Adapted from GK Chesterton's novel, it tells the story of poet Gabriel Syme, who finds revolution revolting and, after becoming an undercover detective, infiltrates a Europe-wide secret organisation dedicated to the overthrow of society. The seven-strong ruling council take their names from the days of the week; Syme is elected to the group as Thursday.

Attempting to foil their dastardly plans, Syme sets out on a journey during which it becomes apparent that, like him, his fellow anarchists are not always what they appear. But the question that looms largest is the identity of the elusive, terrifying Sunday.

Runs 11 to 14 MAY 2011 - 7:30pm at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon

Tickets are £8 and available now from tickets@studiotheatreclub.com or by calling (01865) 778105. See http://www.studiotheatreclub.com/ for further information.

Stephen told me a while back he's playing Sunday which, if the book is anything to by, will be a crazy-fun part to see him play. (The book's worth a read if you've got time to squeeze that in.) I'm eager to see how the book's been adapted for the stage. It should be really entertaining. Go get a ticket and - if you're going Saturday night - I'll hopefully see you there.

*Also, FYI, dates for the next Discworld play "Snuff" have been moved back to February 2012. According to the STC website, tickets will be on sale from October 10th 2011.