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Grace Francis [userpic]
Studio Theatre Club Plays
by Grace Francis (jurious)
at May 19th, 2011 (05:10 pm)

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I saw Stephen on Saturday after "The Man Who Was Thursday" and had a chat with him. (My friend, who came with me to see the play, estimated him to be lots younger than he is, so I told him and much LOLz has since ensued... Heheh.) Terry Pratchett went to the play, too, which was cool. He seemed a bit lost at not being mobbed, for once - must be nice to be anonymous sometimes! It was a very good play and it's a shame it wasn't as well attended as the last one - it was very funny and entertaining (and confusing!), but well played by all and pretty faithful to the book.

Anyway, the Studio Theatre Club's next play will be Agatha Christie's "THE HOLLOW" - a good ol' murder mystery! Should be fun. It will run from 17th to 20th August 2011 and starts at 7:30pm @ the Unicorn Theatre, Thames St, Abingdon. Tickets will be £8.

Just thought I'd mention that Stephen's not 100% sure that "Snuff" will happen because he needs to see more recent drafts of the book before he can say for sure that it's stageable. At present it is but he needs to see more of the text, first. We'll have to wait and see. The STC's website still states that "Snuff" will play February 22nd to 25th, so keep your eyes on that.

I will hopefully have some sketches drawn soon based on the last play. Don't have much reference material but it shouldn't be hard to throw a few simple ones together. :)