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Grace Francis [userpic]
Save the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe!
by Grace Francis (jurious)
at March 4th, 2012 (05:33 pm)

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Well, look who's been on regional television in the UK! :D

Stephen Briggs with Alex Graham at the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe

Stephen Briggs

The STC rehearsing for "Comedy of Errors" using the costumes

The Studio Theatre Club were on BBC News Oxford last Friday - didn't see it myself, of course, being a Midlander, but the video clip is available to watch on the BBC website for anyone who's interested (might be region-encoded for people outside the UK - not sure...):


The reason for their appearing on television was to help highlight the plight of the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe, which is a charity that provides costumes for drama groups in Oxfordshire. Unfortunately the charity is in debt by about £14000 and faces closure. Hopefully the news article will help publicise the issue and bring about action to help save this drama resource.

Also, if anyone wants to stalk ...I mean, follow Stephen, he's finally joined us on Twitter: @StephenPBriggs :)

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